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Running Event

Rovaniemi City Run

Rovaniemi City Run welcomes you to the Arctic Circle to run, jog or to walk on July 21st! Experience our beautiful route by the river and enjoy midnight sun by running. Route is flat, fast and officially measured. Marathon runners run route four times, half marathon runners twice and 10k runners once. The start and finish are next to River Kemijoki, near Hotel Pohjanhovi.



(start time: 18:00)

F40, F50, F60+

M40, M50, M60+

Half marathon (start time: 19:45)

F40, F50, F60+

MALE M40, M50, M60+

10 km
(start time: 21:00)

Female, Male

Mini-marathon (kids)
(start time: 18.30) 300m – 1km

Entry fees

1.4 - 30.6.2018

10 km 15 €
21 km 30 €
42 km 40 €

1.7 - 21.7.2018

10 km 15 €
21 km 40 €
42 km 50 €

Entry fees are non-refundable. Rovaniemi City Run does not provide insurance for participants. For further information find us on Facebook & Instagram!

Welcome to the Rovaniemi City Run 2018!

Before Run...

On the race day at 16.00 pm. you are all welcome to hear about endurance sports and its impact on general health and work. Lecture is in finnish language.
Address: Hotel Pohjanhovi, Pohjanpuistikko 2, 96200 Rovaniemi


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